On Monday, October 20th, Dr. Stickney from Plymouth State University came to Gilford and worked with the Gilford HS Band on Endless Rainbows and Into the Storm.

In one paragraph (a paragraph is between 3-5 sentences) please [[#|answer]] the following questions:
1 - What did you learn?
2 - What did you like most about his visit?
3 - What did you like least or wish he had done differently? (if anything)
4 - Any additional comments?

In Dr. Stickney's class, I learned how to take deep breaths and to become, "one clarinet" with the other [[#|clarinets]]. I liked when he ran with us through some tricky sections in our music with us and told us how we could make it better. Dr. Stickney could have helped other sections a little more and balanced out his work with the sections. Other than that, I feel Dr. Stickney's session with our band was very successful. -Callie McGreevy

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In Dr. Stickney's class, I learned how to take deep breaths and to become, "one clarinet" with the other clarinets. I liked when he ran with us through some tricky sections in our music with us and told us how we could make it better. Dr. Stickney could have helped other sections a little more and balanced out his work with the sections. Other than that, I feel Dr. Stickney's session with our band was very successful. -Callie McGreevy

I was pretty happy with Dr. Stickney's visit. I learned a lot about sections I'm not even in, which isn't necesa a bad thing. I learned a lot about how good balance in a band is determined (by listening to those next to you). I enjoyed how he was able to invigorated an otherwise somber [[#|low brass]] section with his own expertise in the section. The Doctor did a good job of making them come out of their shells. Despite his strengths, I think Dr. Stickey could have spent more time with the percussion section; I think we could use some help from the expertise of a music doctor. Overall, he made the rehearsal better with his humor and I enjoyed it
-Samih Shafique
During Dr. Stickney's visit I learned how to become one sound with my section and adjust to eachothers pitch. I liked that he adressed certain issues with tone and dynamics of the entire band. one thing I did not enjoy as much is how he started us with his conducting, it was pretty unclear and we werent able to start at the same time at first. -Kellie
When Dr. Stickney came to visit us and help with every winters breath, he made the band sound much better in a few different ways. He focused on everybody (besides percussion ) but we didn't need much work anyway. The thing I liked most about his visit was he was pretty funny telling jokes and such. I do wish he had worked with percussion more. If not he could've said we were doing it right because knew people around me were making mistakes but I guess he wasn't paying attention to Percussion. Overall I enjoyed his visit and I would like him to come back next year.~Matt Bryan
Overall, I enjoyed the band's lesson with Dr. Stickney, but I feel myself, and the band, would have benefited from it more if we had more time uwith him. I learned that by listening to those around me, it will improve the general sound of the band. I liked how Dr. Stickney encouraged sections to [[#|play]] more loudly and confidently during their own solo, it definitely gave myself a confidence boost. As I said before, I wish we had more time to work with him. He only had time for small sections of each piece, and did not offer much insight to some sections of the band. I enjoyed the little time we had with Dr. Stickney, as well as his sense of humor. -Riley
When Dr.Stickney came to visit our band, he helped out a lot. He allowed me to understand the importance of how you breathe while playing your instrument. I also was able to understand how important listening to the people around you is., for if you don't, you could be in the wrong place in the song without even realizing it. The part I most enjoyed the most during his visit was when he helped with "Endless Rainbows", especially when he explained how to sound in sinc with the other instruments in your section. If there was something I would change about his visit would be if he could help out with our other concert music, rather than just "Endless Rainbows". Overall, Dr.Stickney's visit was enjoyable, and educational. -Luke
Dr. Stickeny was a very nice man, and was very bright. I liked how he showed us different perspectives of how to view music other than just reading it, playing it and playing the dynamics. He did not focus on the oboes for the time being that I was there. I was excused early from class. It was interesting to see him conduct and it made me realize that it really is important to look at the person that's conducting. I did not gain very much knowledge from him, although I was only there for 15 minutes of the class. I hope to see/work with Doctor Stickney again in the future. -Lauren

Through-out yesterdays class, I learned a very minimal amount of techniques I can use to better myself and my section and about what parts I personally still need to work on with his song. Yet I still learned some objectives that are useful and they were, that, yes everyone conducts differently making, keeping your eyes on the conductor and your music at almost the same time is a necessity to play any music well. I loved all his quirky jokes; MORE AIR!!!. But I wish that he would have worked on everyone's sections and problems a little more evenly and not just drilled two or three people for simple mistakes. Yet even though he did not critique everyone, I still enjoyed his presents and how well he carried the band through his peace. - Dominic

I appreciate Dr. Stickney being able to find time to visit us at band yesterday, even though his teachings were lesser than I expected. I was disappointed that he didn’t help very much with Endless Rainbows (the correct term would be Rain-circles) but focused more on the small lessons that we were given before starting. He was a personable guy though; he definitely helped with techniques and even self-esteem, as in playing a solo loudly. Over all, he shared good advice for playing our instruments, even if he was only able to come for one day. ~ Brad (I mean your mysterious leader)

I enjoyed having Dr. Stickney conduct our class yesterday, but he did not help the percussion section at all. In one section of endless rainbows I maid a mistake, and I knew it. when he cut the band off to talk with the brass instruments he didn't acknowledge what I did wrong. Further more we played that worm up for half the class. I really wish he spent more time on our concert music. Any way he was really funny and I enjoyed having him, would gladly have him come back.
P.S. (PEP BAND !!!!!!!) ~ Sander

While it was interesting to have a new director in class, I don't believe I improved much as a player by having him there. I was hoping that we would run through the songs, and that he would give each instrument specific sections to work on, but instead, we focused more on general skills than the specific songs. Because we seemed to stop every few measures, I feel I did not get as much practicing in as I do on a normal day. While I was hoping to play more and talk less, I believe he did make some excellent points on what to do differently. I also liked that he was not afraid to call individual people out to play louder or play differently. I learned how to improve the collective sound of the band by listening to those around me. Overall, I believe he had some great ideas about music, but his teaching style would be more effective if we had more time with him, for it seemed that he was trying to cram a lot into a small period. ~ Connor Leggett
Having Dr. Stickney come to the band room for a day was a lot of fun. I feel like he had a different teaching style, but did not have enough time to help every group such as mine. He being a brass player it is understandable he would be very helpful to brass players which I feel like he did greatly. The brass is one of the strongest parts of our band and I feel like he helped improve specific parts in Endless Rainbows. If he had time to help every section I do feel he would have, he seemed like a great teacher. His enthusiasm on air technic was very entertaining and really made you think about how you play your instrument. Don't forget to use more air. ~Jack Bosies
It was nice to have someone like Dr.Stickney conduct for us, as we are usually used to Lyvie cueing us in for a lot more than Dr.Stickney did. I thought learning wise, that it would have been nice to have more time to maybe run through each piece, but I thought that Dr.Stickney had some good general tips for the songs that we did get to play. For something that I have learned, I thought that the idea of listening to the people beside you to know how loud you should be playing was helpful, that you should take air in when you need the air, and also that part of sounding well as a band means that we need to take the responsibility as individuals to practice what we struggle with. I liked most that he pushed us to try to depend on ourselves (especially with fixing the overall sound quality, or paying attention to the conductor as well as our music). If anything negative I just wish we had more time, and maybe more with each individual section. -Olivia T.
It was nice having Dr. Stickney come to our school and conduct our band, we got to see how another conductor conducts. I like how he wanted us to blend our sounds with the sounds next to us, to "be one" with our section. Overall I think it was good that he came and helped us, it would certainly help all those little freshmeats, sophomores and juniors next year for him to come again.
-Jonathan Coughlin

I thought it was interesting having Dr. Stickney come and conduct our band. I thought it was a good idea cause if anybody is thinking of doing band in college they most likely will not have Lyvie as a conductor. I learned that some tips for being more legato and when to breathe and when not to breathe. I thought it would've been better if we got to play the entire piece first then going through to places that were iffy. I liked his sense of humor and the way he told us to listen to the people sitting next to us. I would not mind if he came back one day. -Michael W
I'm glad Dr. Stickney came to conduct for us. I think the band as a whole had a great pyramid balance and everyone was listening to each other. I liked how he worked on our breathing and overall tone. Breathing was definitely his forte (pun intended). He also brought about interesting points about dynamics I hadn't noticed before and I'm glad we were all able to play under a different conducting style. He also was able to bring out the brass section and help us all with our confidence. The only thing I wish he did differently would be to focus on all sections of the band and give pointers to each instrument. Overall, I was glad he came to visit and enjoyed his sense of humor. ~Katie Gingrich
I liked having Dr. Stickney come in a conduct us, I think it was a really good experience. I learned that he does not point us to come in and we have to come in ourselves. I liked him humor and things he brought out about dynamics and stuff. The thing I noticed that I did not like was he really did not talk about the oboe, he did not talk much about the flutes but he said some things to us but never said or mentioned anything about the oboe. But I enjoyed him teaching us. -Gabby
I think it's important to have people like Dr. Stickney come in and practice with us, they will have a completely different perspective on how we sound as a band than how (Lyvie) will usually comment about. It gave us something new to think about while we are practicing every day. I wish we could've gotten through all the pieces completely, cus we only got through one whole song and it would've been nice if we could've heard about the rest of the 2nd song. What if he missed telling us something important? I'm glad we got to work with him and I hope we can apply what he said into our music. ~Bridget Eldridge

I found it interesting having Dr. Stickney come in to conduct our band. I found the skills he taught us about listening very helpful, and I feel the general skills we learned about air and tone quality will be useful in the future. However, I do not feel like my playing ability has improved since his visit, as he did not specifically help my section on the songs. I wish he would have played through a whole song with us instead of playing a few measures over and over and then moving on to the next song. If he had spent less time talking to specific people, although he was successful at helping them, I would have gotten more out of the experience. If we had more time with him I think our band would have benefited much more, because 70 minutes was definitely not enough. ~Shannon Anderson~
Dr. Sickney worked very hard to improve low brass and woodwind sections of the band. I don't believe he directly taught the percussion. Although, I was able to take out one important lesson. This would be to listen to those around you, and change your volume accordingly. However this might not be the best approach all the time, considering we all love! to hit our drums extra hard, but I will still attempt to apply it. I really enjoyed his bright personality. He had an interesting way of getting his point across without stating facts or lecturing us. He merged a story into his lessons making them seem more relate-able or funny. Although, I wasn't a fan of his "beat counting". I am used to Lyvie's large noticeable moments. Dr. Sickney made smaller, more subtle motions. Overall I thought it was an interesting experience to notice that all conductors have their own style. He made noticeable improvement with the class that day, and it was an honor to have him here. Thank you Dr. Sickney, Sincerely -Connor Craigie
It was a good experience to have Dr. Stickney come and conduct our band for a day. I learned more about how each band director has a different style of conducting, and more about watching the conductor to know where come in even if they do not cue you. I liked how he was able to dissect each piece of Endless Rainbows to try and perfect every part of it, however I think it would have benefited us to play the entire piece before looking at the individual parts. I also think that it would have benefited us more if we had more time with him because then he could have worked with more sections, improving us further. Overall, I think having Dr. Stickney conduct the band for a day was a good experience, and I think he should come back someday ~ Leah Gardner

It was good to have him come and show us the right and wrongs of the songs we went over, even though he did not work with the percussion at all, he still helped the band get better which is more important anyway. Dr. Sickney worked with the low brass a lot, so I think they need to practice a bit to make this band sound better. If he spends most of the class teaching mostly the low brass then they need to definatly practice. But I need to practice too, and especially the rest of the percussion
-Ben Altmire

I think it was an excellent opportunity for the band when Dr. Stickney came in to conduct, and although I was a little disappointed we didn't get through all of the songs, I'm grateful for what he did teach us. I found that listening to others around you was a very helpful lesson because now I try my hardest to make sure I don't play above others. I liked that he really dove into tone quality and air because it now helps me to be able to get the higher notes and have it still sound okay. Something I wished he had done differently was go through entire songs instead of just working on one small part and then pushing us towards the next song; I think it would have benefited us more if he'd done so because I felt rushed through those small parts without learning what I really wanted to focus on in that particular song. However I'm very glad he was able to give us a part of his day to work with us, even if it was for a short time. I hope he may visit again someday to help us once more.
My sincere thanks, Cian~

It was a wonderful experience to have Dr. Stickney come in and conduct our band. I learned that in order for the music to sound the best it possibly can, we need to listen to the people around us. It was extremely beneficial to know that if you can't hear the people next to you, you're playing too loud. I will remember that for years to come. I liked how he put an emphasis on how important it was to control your breathing. I wish we had had more time with him to finish going over all of the pieces of music, and I wish he hadn't stopped in the middle of a song and instead, ran the whole thing and went over mistakes afterwards. Overall, I think the whole band benefitted from having him conduct and I would love to have him come back someday. -Mel Moynihan

To be honest, I didn't learn much from Dr. Stickney at all except for one ore two things. One being that each conductor has their own style of conducting and that you have to quickly adapt to their style and two, to listen wore to the band and try to hear every section of instruments that are playing. However, I would have learned more if he had given the percussion some criticism and if he had been able to conduct us for more time. what I liked most about his visit was that he was funny and told us stories that we could relate to and laugh at all at the same time. I absolutely would recommend Dr. Stickney coming back again to teach us, but next time have it be for a longer session.-Danny Getchell-Lacey

Dr. Stickney taught us how to balance our sounds within our sections and throughout the band. I liked that Dr. Stickney was very funny and really worked hard on trying to make even the littlest things in the concert music perfect. I wish that we had more time with Dr. Stickney because we didn't really get to finish running through all of our concert music. I also wish he got to work with us more between our sections. He didn't really say much to our flute section but I did remember him saying we did a good job on one part of the song but we needed to make sure we knew that others had the same part as us. Which he then proceeded to make us all with the same part play together and make sure we were listening to each other. Overall I was very happy that Dr. Stickney came and I hope he comes again so he can help us all even more. ~ Taryn Breton

Dr Stickney was an in depth teacher. He quickly picked out problems and got us to correct them. He taught me in perticular to play loud and that loud mistakes are good mistakes. he also taught us that more air is always the answer. I am excited for Dr B to come and help with his song.

Dr. Stickney instructed our band on how to play better music. He did this by teaching us about breathing, articulation, and sound quality. I enjoyed his attention to detail and focus on all parts of the music, but wish he had spent more time with all sections instead of just one or two. Although the alto saxophones were not Dr. Stickney's main focus during the period, I was still able to learn many things about improving the way I play and sound better because of it. -Mark Young

I thought that Dr. Stckney was a fair good teacher. He gave us all lessons in breathing while playing. He seemed to care about all sections but didn't have the time to touch to much with the drum section.
-Jake Deyarmond

I learned where to breathe in the right places. I like how he conducted and let us come in on our own. I wish he had not stopped every 2 measures and just let us play. -kellie ryan

I found it very helpful that Mr. Stickney came, it helped when he told us to listen to each other while we play because honestly when I play I listen to the people next to me and sometimes others for when I come in so listening the entire time really helped balance us. Also when he gave us tips on breathing at certain parts of songs helped. - Jules Robertson

I enjoyed Dr. Stickneys visit although I don't believe he knew about my existence. I learned different ways to looks at music and blending which was pretty cool. I liked how he was able to use his humor and make the class interesting. Not that livie doesn't do that already. I wish that he could have gone a little further in Into The storm because I could have used some help on that solo thing. Other than that his visit was enjoyable and I hope to see him in the future.-Cassidy Keyser

Dr. Sitckney was a good teacher, especially on the matter of more air being helpful at times, as well as the breathing exercises to get a better sound. However, he didn't really work with the brass section that much. - Joe Mercuri

Overall I felt Dr. Stickney's visit was a lot of fun. However I didn't learn much except to breath more than usual, and that was a helpful tip but I don't think it will help me become a more successful player. I enjoyed Dr. Stickney's sense of humor and how he would narrow down a piece in our music that needed work and have us practice it until it was good. One thing that I think he could of done much better would be to let us play through our entire piece, we would play through the beginning of a song and then he would tell us to just put it away. ~Michele Young

Although I was not there for the entire day, I did learn from Dr. Stickney. I learned to breath more naturally when playing music and wile singing in Choir. Overall I enjoyed his visit and I can see the difference he made in the band. One thing that I would have liked would be the fact that I did not play through a whole song and therefore I did not play at all. - Tom Pouliot

Dr. Stickney was an overall great teacher for everybody in the band. He made the winds sound more smooth and thought them how to breathe better when playing. He did not focus on the percussion a lot but we didn't have major issues to fix anyway. It was fun having somebody new that I have never met come in and conduct and give us pointers on playing. I would like to have him back next year for another visit. He was Nice and had a good sense of humor. --- Matt Bryan